Monday, December 8, 2008

hello, world

This is my first forway into the blogosphere, so please, be patient with me. ;)

I’ve always loved designing jewelry … the colors, the designs, the creativity! There’s just something so fulfilling about taking a bunch of beads and string and turning them into something beautiful.

But, as I’ve only got one neck and two ears with which I can bedeck with my handmade designs, I decided (after seeing much of my jewelry sitting sadly in a box) that I needed to share my passion for funky fashion.

So, here I am, launching Sadie Jane’s Handmade Jewelry for all the world to see (buy?? Lol!). Specializing in bold, chunky statement pieces, I have a wide assortment ready and waiting for other jewelry lovers.

Interested in seeing some designs? Shoot me an e-mail at (my web site is currently under construction). Until then, enjoy this little sampling.